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Once upon a time, drapery alone was considered event design. That and some colourful tablecloths, a couple of seats, a floral centrepiece and voila! the event was good to go.

Not so anymore.

Design trends for event spaces have greatly evolved over the years. There is a strong desire to create bespoke events with a complete custom-built ambience.

One of the hottest trends currently is cocooning. This is where special select areas at an event are set aside for cosy seating e.g. with couches, single cubes, cushions and/or accessorised with special lighting. It's therefore no longer predominantly about just well-dressed tables and's about creating the atmosphere and setting the mood with these outstanding elements.

So, when thinking of a lounge for your next event, the most important thing is to utilise it for aesthetics. A lounge serves best as an accessory to a set-up. Let it not occupy a lot of space but rather serve to highlight your main set-up which may comprise of dinner tables & seats, cocktail tables or other furniture suited for general seating.


Backdrops are amazing decor props that are valuable for impacting a space and adding that extra edge to your photos.

In this July 2015 outdoor wedding, we designed an altar backdrop incorporating the bride's colours - fuschia, silver and navy blue [navy blue was in some instances represented by violet/purple].

We used a four panel hardwood divider, lanterns, candleholders, pedestals, flowers to adorn to deliver the desired look.

Look out for our upcoming posts on some exciting backdrop designs to consider for your event.

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