Look Stunning in This Head Turning Natural African Bridal Hairstyles

If you’re considering natural African bridal hairstyles for your special day, we’ve got some good news for you.

Contrary to common belief, there are plenty of incredibly versatile natural hairstyles for you to consider.

Though, what will really make them stand out is the current state of your hair and the kind of look you’re aiming for: traditional, romantic, unconventional, classy, or elegant.

Njeri Kibugi from Hair and Beyond Beauty Hub is a skilled natural African bridal hairstyles expert.

She often encourages her clients to embrace natural hair and show it off because it’s gorgeous and pretty stunning when properly styled. 

Trends in African bridal natural hairstyles have evolved over the past couple of years as brides continue to embrace the natural hair look.

What factors does a hairstylist consider?

Definitely the shape of your face and hairline volume. 

In considering this, Njeri advices brides and bridesmaids not to stress over having similar hairstyles.

She says two people with similar hairstyles can look totally different. 

So, there’s no point agonizing over who gets what hairstyle, which is often a significant pressure point for a bride and her girls.

What challenges are there in styling natural African hair?

Natural hair becomes difficult to style if it’s sparsely spread out or not long enough for the type of preferred natural African bridal hairstyle. 

Of course a quick solution would be to use hair accessories or hair extensions. But if you’re aiming for something long term, you need to create a consistent routine.

Stunning African bridal hair accessories

What you eat, the products you use, the way you wash and treat your hair all impact its ultimate condition.

Once you follow a routine, you’ll notice a significant reduction in perennial issues like breakage and frizziness. 

Steps to creating a natural hair care routine

Njeri says that, you’ll need to set aside a special day for this routine, often dubbed a ‘wash day’ because of the meticulous procedure. 

According to a blackgirlblogging.com, the process can take you a good 2.5 hours from start to finish and is recommended once every 7 to 10 days.

a) Pre-poo

This is an oil treatment done before shampooing to protect your hair from the stress of washing due to the continuous scrubbing and twisting.

It helps to soften and make it easy to detangle. Some recommended pre-poo oils are coconut, olive, castor, jojoba, amongst others.

b) Shampoo

When shopping for a shampoo, always go for the one that’s sulfate-free to prevent your hair from drying out.

As you get used to the routine, you’ll figure out what works for you.

c) Protein treatment

This is recommended to make your hair healthy and build strong hair strands.

It’s best to have it applied every four to six weeks by a professional who knows how to work it in.

d) Conditioning

A conditioner is valuable for keeping your natural hair hydrated, super sleek and smooth at all times.

For extremely dry or brittle hair, the best solution is to steam treat it, enabling the steam and conditioner to penetrate and soften the hair shaft.

Popular natural African bridal hairstyles

Now that there’s a routine in place, what hairstyle would you like for your special day?

Here are a few of the most popular, low maintenance and versatile ones.

African Bridal Natural Hairstyles
The Faux Hawks Updo
African Bridal Natural Hairstyles
The low bun
The high bun
African Bridal Natural Hairstyles
Tousled twist outs
A short afro

What products does she recommend?

Her sister, a natural hairstylist too, has a natural hair product range: KINKY Curls All Nurture products that you can order through Njeri.

She also swears by water, Mosara hydrating butter, raw shea butter and virgin coconut oil.

In her estimation, you can’t go wrong with the consistent application of these products.

Tips for natural African hair care

Njeri stresses that managing natural African hair is quite simple, really it is. 

Many people complain of how gel is flaky; but, these issues all stem from product selection.

Before you purchase anything, consult a professional hair expert or stylist or do extensive research.

These days there are tons of YouTube videos on natural hair care. As you’ve also seen, all these challenges can be solved by a structured hair care routine. 

For care when sleeping, use a satin headscarf or satin bonnet to protect your hair from breakage.

Furthermore, you really can’t swim in styled hair. Thus, consider viable hairstyles, especially for your honeymoon.

Trim your hair regularly at least every six weeks to prevent frizziness and snapping at the ends.

Schedule regular moisturizing appointments because natural hair is prone to low lustre. If you want easy styling, then this is a must.

Ultimately, if you want consistently smooth, shiny, healthy natural hair, the secret is in your diet, nutrition and general lifestyle.

It’s no surprise that what you eat is reflected in your hair.

Recommended foods are: proteins, iron, omega, biotin-rich foods like sweet potatoes and drinking plenty of water.

How to book a hair appointment with Hair and Beyond Beauty Hub

Interestingly, Njeri doesn’t take deposits. And yes, of course, she’ll book you in, and is OK with you calling or WhatsApping (+254 720673829) the dates and time, then reconfirming the booking with her at least two days before the due date.

Final word

You obviously want to look good on your wedding day. Your hairstyle is as important as your gown, makeup and accessories.

And evidently, there’s plenty to choose from in natural African bridal hairstyles plus professional hairstylists like Njeri, you can consult if you’re not sure where to start. 

The brides and grooms series continues to the end of September so keep your requests coming and look out for tips and ideas to make your wedding planning process hassle free. 

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