9 Ways to Have an Incredible Wedding Photo Book

A wedding photo book is the best way to tell your wedding day story.

In essence, events celebrate the milestones of your life.

For each event, there’s an emotion vested.

Hence, the reason a good number of folk are EAGER to celebrate them.

From birthdays, newborns to rites of passages and many more. 

It’s not just an excuse to get down with rafikis, or dress up (although, Kenyans are NOT known to pass up a good party plan).

The idea is to capture and store memories. As a reference to that period and for posterity.

Get a new age wedding photo book

By photobookguru.com

For this reason, exceptional décor is a valuable investment.

Well done decor vividly captures these valuable moments.

Thereabouts, aiding photography to capture and amplify them in all their glory.

BUT, don’t fret.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the BEST.

All you need do is deliberately immerse into the creative process. Specifically, create a vision board of how you’d like your big day to look.

This includes the kind of experience you want your guests to have AND how it will all be captured into a wedding photo book.

Create a vision board

To create this vision board work with a team.

Surprisingly, brainstorms don’t often get the seriousness they deserve.

To get this right from the start, rope in a skilled event planner/decorator and photographer.

Essentially, merge the script of each idyllic photo value point with a suitable décor prop. In this case, a superbly adorned backdrop or floral arch. 

For weddings, the photo value points can be traced to:

  1. The main entrance
  2. Church/vows exchange –at the altar and walkway
  3. The photo session area
  4. The cake area
  5. Reception entrance
  6. Bridal area seating
  7. Dance floor

However, you’re not expected to deck out all of them (unless you want to).

Narrow down to three or four value points. You and the team can work out the most strategic ones.

Your event planner/decorator will share and discuss with you the proposed decor concepts + costs, you’ll then settle on the ones that fit your budget.

The photographer can share his input too, on what will blend in with the photos.

As much as this is a collaborative process, as the bride, you have the upper hand and should always be the ultimate winner (of course, within reason).

First point to remember in working with the photographer, be very specific on your expectations.

Likewise, listen to him/her, especially on issues to do with creative freedom. If you’ve engaged an event planner, let them draw the contracts accordingly to ensure everyone’s tied to the agreed plan.

Backdrop design for wedding photo book

Now that you’ve dispensed with the details, here’s a selection of 9 simple, photo worthy backdrops to whet your creative appetite.

Truly, making that authentic wedding photo book won’t just be a pipe dream but a realistic goal.

Mystical beauty! This backdrop’s colors are a mood-setter. Very simple to execute.

You can fabricate the frame and adorn it as you please.

It’s a very EDGY look worthy of your wedding photo book.

Utter perfection! Gold is that color that shrieks STYLE all the way.

For this backdrop, capture the detail on the frame and ensure it’s stable.

On florals application and other trinkets, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can do.

If romantic was a backdrop this would surely be IT! Can you imagine whispering ‘I do‘ in front of this?

n regard to decorating, you can create any pattern with not just flowers but twigs and even pieces of cloth and balloons.

MINIMALIST heaven! And if you know your way around a TOOLBOX you can sort this yourself.

As for the macrame, contact us, we’ll sort you in time.

A touch of florals, some throw-in props and you’re ready for your nuptials.

This is that backdrop that will have you itching to get married, INSTANTLY.

There are tons of decor possibilities with this one.

BUT, whichever way it goes, it’ll be nothing short of spectacular. In order to get the frame right you’d need to work with a professional if you don’t trust your DIY skills.

Be as creative as possible

Wouldn’t you agree that this is the WAY to transform a space?

See how unnoticeable the dry and drab background is? To get this look your decorator will rely on the expertise of an excellent fabricator.

The florals and pampas grass are an easy find.

Approach ONLY if you’re a risk taker or DIY expert.

This fabulous beauty requires no head scratching.

Simply, put your color palette together,gather your fabrics, a decent frame and get started. Your creativity will transform it. Would be great to see how the final looks in your wedding photo book.

A pristine, monochrome wonderment! The BEST thing about this look is that you don’t need to worry about a color palette. For one thing, your focus is on a statuesque mantle piece. The style of decking it up is the FUN part!

This elegant afro-centric backdrop is full of LIFE and will definitely light up your wedding photo book.

Extremely simple to execute because pedestals are easy to find. Rather, get MORE daring ankara prints and florals to make yours POP.

Final word

The perfect backdrop will enhance your wedding story.

Moreover, you don’t require much to make that riveting wedding photo book. Good planning + creativity + a good photographer will deliver it.

To emphasize: First, start by putting together a brainstorm that includes an event planner/decorator and photographer.

Secondly, create a vision board, narrow down to 3 – 4 ideas at most (all anchored on the photo value points) and thirdly, execute!

If you like edgy, DIY type of decor, let’s talk. You can also look through our virtual shop here, for decor to enhance your backdrops for wedding photography.