Fresh African Decor Ideas for an Amazing Brand Launch

Some products and brands can function with simple decor while other are more complex and require elaborate plans.

Case in point, how would you create an understated African decor theme, with a touch of sophistication to launch a lifestyle brand?

Such was the brief for this particular project. If you’re familiar with African decor, you know that it’s hardly understated. The colors and props are pretty flamboyant.

This post shares our experience with delivering African decor for Inverroche Gin.

About the project

Inverroche Gin has three variants: Gin Classic, Gin Amber and Gin Verdant.

Our task was therefore to complement the robust efforts of Beysix, the branding team and HomeBoyz, the audio-visual team. Their job was to execute the brand’s reveal. While ours was to bring the three variants to life through Afrocentric decor.

The space

The first step was to understand the event space.

In this case, the venue was a residential mansion ‘made for parties’. And in the heart of it, was the perfect living room with Gin Amber’s name on it.

In the back, was a yard that would form the perfect setting for Gin Classic.

And to the front of  this inimitable mansion, was a yard though unbalanced in its positioning,  a fitting spot for Gin Verdant.

Finally, there was the entrance driveway to consider.

A convenient convergence point for all guests to share a collective experience as they moved to the Gin Verdant space, which was the main event space.

The décor plan

The plan to bring these spaces to life would involve relevant, appropriate and suitably matched decor props (though not necessarily unique).

Also, due to the erratic weather (rainy showers), stretch tents were installed to provide cover for the outdoor spaces.

To brighten the stretch tents, festoon lights adorned them on the edges and specifically on the inside for the Gin Verdant space.

The pictures below show how furniture and décor props were applied to the different spaces to represent the three Inverroche Gin variants.

Ultimately, setting the stage for an exhilarating experience.

The Gin Classic outdoor space

The Gin Classic space: The potential of an empty space

Outdoor lounge for Gin Verdant

This tree provided a vantage position for the Gin Verdant outdoor lounge

Gin Amber indoor lounge

afrocentric decor
This room had Gin Amber written on it! Enough said.

Gin Verdant cocktail and main event space

This image doesn’t even do justice to this somewhat unbalanced beautiful garden

See the transformation

A walk through the decor layout

afrocentric decor
The layout for Gin Classic
afrocentric decor
This Gin Classic cocktail space

The Gin Classic space served as the guests holding area. This is was their first convergence point and where their brand experience actually began.

afrocentric decor
The branded recycled wood tables, a mix of furniture and table adornments for this Gin Verdant outdoor lounge.
afrocentric decor
Two identical sets of furniture under a shady tree in the sun. The perfect spot to enjoy a Gin Verdant cocktail.

The coloring on these different sets of furniture and decor props came together perfectly to deliver a warm experiential space for Inverroche Gin.

afrocentric decor
The vintage look was perfect for Gin Amber.
afrocentric decor
This room also had a verandah that led into the main event space.

All that was missing to complete the look and feel of this amazing room was some Inverroche gin and tonic.

afrocentric decor
The wooden ankole mask and mud cloth on either side of this entrance gave a certain dramatic effect.
The entrance
afrocentric decor
The entrance with the walkway of light

To understand the THRILL of this walkway of light, you’d have to walk through it.

The mood!

This video aptly captures some of the mood at the magical Inverroche Gin launch event.

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Clearly, african decor doesn’t need to be loud and flamboyant.

Neither does it need to be heavy on a myriad of animal prints.

You can get ideas or draw inspiration from our land’s rich colors, vegetation and especially the African sunset.

Good luck, Inverroche Gin!

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