Hire a garden space

Event Space to Hire: Tips to Finding the Best Space

Looking for event space to hire in Kenya?  

Our first piece of advice is to give priority to a venue that suits your event format and objectives.

Some key factors include a space that’s easy to access, is compact, has a well planned layout and with a close proximity to the main road.

To make this process hassle free for you, this article gives you tips on what to look for in a venue space for hire.

1. Budget

Besides furniture, décor, photography, catering, and other critical expenses, does the cost to hire your preferred event space fit in with the resources set aside for this event? 

Proper resource allocation is critical to your event’s success. 

Hire a garden space
Parking Lot

Hence, don’t go about this grudgingly. Instead, have a well-balanced budget that affords you the perfect space without arbitrary compromise.

2. Security and accessibility

What type of environment is the space located in? What’s the entrance and exit like?

Is there enough clearance for easy movement?

Have there ever been incidents, and where’s the nearest police station or well-equipped health facility? 

Hire a garden space for your event
Garden Space

You definitely don’t want to run the risk of taking your guests into a thicket far off civilization then have your event described like a scene in nightmare on elm street.

3. Weather

What will the weather be like? Is it a rainy or sunny season?

Should it be done indoors or do you need tent cover?

There’s nothing as horrific as your well-dressed guests getting drenched, or having their superbly-coiffed hair plastered to their heads because you overlooked this essential fact. 

The Entrance from the Parking Lot

Also, what’s the ground like? Does it flood when it rains? Even if you erect tents and the grounds flood, it will all be for naught.

4. Adequacy

Does it meet all your requirements?

Check to ensure that the ablutions are serviceable and will serve your expected guest numbers. Nothing spells comfort like squeaky clean, functional washrooms with plenty of clean water.

Is there a cooking and catering section far from the main event? 

Where are the power and water points? 

If everything is set up, will there be enough space to allow for movement, or will it be so squeezed that you can barely swing a cat?

5. Décor style

There are décor styles that may not work in an outdoor setting. 

One way to skirt this issue is to select a space with manicured lawns, watered grass, and some complementary coloring.

At the very least, it should have photo-worthy landscapes and settings.

Hire a garden space at Yellow Gardens
Props for a garden wedding’s church area

Outdoor event decor ideas (on a budget)

If you’re wondering how to have a visually appealing event in the back of a depressed economy, below are some sure-fire ideas.

Recycled glass vase by Lucidity Africa
  1. Pick an already visually appealing venue with fantastically maintained lawns, pavements, and plants. 
  2. Create a theme for uniformity –having matchy-match props is a significant boon.
  3. Grab any opportunity to hang stuff from the ceiling –florals, chandeliers, festoon lights, heck even paper lanterns if you have to.
  4. Pour more resources on the focal points, like the altar, high table, entrances, and dance floor.
  5. Have table runners and napkins with catchy patterns or colors that really pop.
  6. Recycle wine and disposable beer bottles for your floral arrangements.
  7. Incorporate more foliage from the venue’s environs into your decor. There’s always a tree in need of pruning or if you can get faux greenery, even better.
  8. Use potted or boxed plants to create dramatic entrances or walkways. 
  9. For the bouquets, use a concept that requires 3 – 5 max stems per bouquet. 
  10. Create unique patterns everywhere – re-imagine conventional space layouts such as guest seating style, table arrangements, etc.
  11. Use fabric draping tastefully and creatively to liven the space.
  12. Make use of a prominent tree or naturally occurring structure as your altar instead of hiring an arc. You can even ask the venue what decor props they have that you can incorporate.
A natural tree altar

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best way in selecting a venue for an event?

To find an event space for hire, first understand your needs.

Check the amenities, cleanliness, customer service, capacity, technical facilities and any detail that’s critical to your event’s success.

2. What is a venue checklist?

A venue checklist captures everything you need from a venue for your event’s success.

For it to be effective it needs to capture details like: How many people can fit in the space? How many washrooms are available? How many waiting staff will be allocated to my event? and so on.

3. What makes an event successful?

Apart from proper event planning and budgeting, a suitable event space contributes to your event’s success tremendously. So look out for a spacious venue, with the best amenities, mobility and customer service.

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Ultimately, the decor should be tasteful and alluring. But more importantly, the space should inspire joy, comfort, and create good vibes.

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