How to Design an Event Theme (It’s Easy!)

Are you wondering how to design an event theme? Don’t fret because it’s easy and we’re going to show you how to go about it. 

Every event is unique, and the theme is the big idea that gives it structure and character.

While your event can still go on very well without a theme, it’s always advisable to consider it. Reason being that it’s often like the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle that completes it, making it all the more appealing.

Come along as we share with you in this article the easy process of how to design an event theme.

Why theme is important for an event?

As I’ve mentioned before, there’s nothing earth-shattering about an event theme except that it adds flavor to your event by making it exciting, inspiring, and completely immerses guests in your event experience. 

How to design an event theme

One thing to remember though is that a theme must be be appropriate to your type of event for it to work. Thus before creating and settling on any theme, here’s what to consider;

1. Event objectives

What do you want to achieve with your event? The reason for holding your event is the first step to informing on how to design an event theme.

Is it to celebrate a milestone, build relationships with important stakeholders or raise funds as in a gala dinner?

Understanding your objectives will help you select a fitting theme that resonates with your guests. 

2. Type of event 

Besides the event objectives, the type of event will determine which theme you can settle on.

For instance, a kiddie birthday would do well with a spider man theme; a 60th birthday would suit a James Bond theme. 

3. Your audience 

Say your guests are mainly ladies; which theme would best work for your event? Maybe a makeup theme or dress-up theme in specific colors because this is likely to be more appealing.

Similarly, if you’re hosting a corporate event, you’ll take time to review the guest profiles before committing to a theme.

4. The venue 

If you want to host a party in the wild, it would take much more effort and cost to host it in a ballroom instead of an appropriate outdoor location like the national park, right?

The same goes for a beach party theme; you would need to hold it at the actual beach or a venue with a swimming pool. 

5. Weather 

You should always factor in the weather in your event planning. For example, if you’re planning an outdoor picnic, your theme won’t work if it’s a rainy or chilly season.

That’s unless you want to put a twist on it or have the budget to transform an indoor space.

6. Budget

Themes are expensive because they come with detailed props and decor. Consider your theme and cost implications to ensure you don’t fall short of the experience you want to deliver.

Party themes Kenya: Best theme ideas for events

Now that you have pointers on how to make a theme for an event, here are some of the best theme ideas to consider for various event types.

1. Corporate event themes: Theme of the event example

Corporate events in Kenya tend to focus on brand experiences, relationships building and networking. Below are the best themes for such events.

#High tea 

The high tea theme is quite popular if your guest list is mainly feminine. The best thing about it is that you can apply various settings such as Downtown Abbey inspired by a popular TV series, the timeless Alice in Wonderland, or a simple good old-fashioned Kenyan tea time setting.

The best table layout for this would be family or boardroom, especially if you don’t have less than 50 guests. The decor tends to have elaborate table decor befitting the elegance of a high tea party.

#Wine and cheese

You can never go wrong with a wine and cheese tasting for any audience. Great conversations happen over food and drinks, so if your objective was relationship building, this is the perfect theme for your event.

The best layout for this theme would be cocktail tables with cocktail chairs or boardroom, as it enhances the intimacy and ensures everyone is visible at all angles.

The decor and table layout don’t have to be elaborate; simple settings with background music will work fine.

#Cocktail making

An even more engaging theme for intimate corporate networking events is cocktail making. Here everyone gets ingredients to make a favorite cocktail, and you can bet it’s all fun and games as everyone strives to make theirs the best.

For this event theme, a bar-like setup works where you have the main bar and cocktail tables and cocktail stools all around.

2. Best themes for weddings in Kenya: List of theme names for events

Besides choosing the best colors for your wedding, you can go a step further with a unique theme. Here are some exciting ones to consider. 


Why not go for a vintage or rustic theme if you want a timeless classic look?  While it may seem costly, you can pull it off with brown, champagne or neon colors, disco balls, paper flowers and lanterns.

#Glitz and glamour 

You can have a unique glitzy and glamorous wedding theme with the right decor, tents, tables, and chairs. Gold, wine red, purple, white, and black are the colors you can apply to your decor to achieve the theme.

#Fairy tale Romance 

Fairy tale themes get inspiration from childhood dreams and stories. Whatever your style, modern, bohemian or Afrocentric, you can pull this theme off with your choice of venue, decor props, layouts, and lighting.

3. Birthday themes for adults: Unique party themes for adults  

Now more than ever, birthdays for adults keep gaining in popularity, and there’s no shortage of appropriate themes to try out. Below are our favorite suggestions.


Every year, there’s a high chance you’ll get invited to a masquerade party because that’s how popular they are.

With a masquerade party, you score on a fabulous experience with mysterious decor and elegant guests’ costumes and masks especially if you have an exciting indoor venue.  

#Dress up 

Ever since the pandemic, people want an excuse to dress up and show up. Your task is to give them the perfect reason with an amazing dress up theme.

Popular choices for this theme would be; fancy dress, old school, bridgerton and black tie amongst others.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best theme for wedding?

The best them for wedding is the one that makes you love, makes you happy, suits the event and fits with your budget.

There are plenty of fantastic wedding themes to choose like fairy tale, vintage, glitz and glamour amongst others.

2. How do i choose my birthday theme?

The best way to choose your birthday theme is by first checking whether the theme fits the event, your audience and how much you can personalize it.

Don’t worry about trends as long as you love it and are sure your guests will have fun with it.

3. What are included in the event theme?

Your event theme should ideally include everything that’s required in the event from the invitation cards, venue, decor, food and drinks.

The event theme makes all these elements come alive to deliver a memorable experience for your and your guests.

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