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How to Know Your Event Theme (and the Tips to Select It)

One of the challenges we face constantly while planning events is how to differentiate an event theme from a color palette. What is the difference?

In previous posts, we have covered color palettes and shown you how to select them.

An event theme is the big idea that gives structure and character to an event. A theme serves to excite, inspire and immerse guests into the experience you desire to deliver.

Some of the popular Kenyan event themes are; Country, Lost in the 90s, Jungle/Forest, Masquerade, African and The Great Gatsby. Kids events have a retinue of cartoon characters to select from such as Baby Shark, Dora, Ben 10 and many more.

For corporate events or brand experiences a theme is quite vital for purposeful communication. To be effective, it must be incorporated in all the touch points from start to end such as invites, dress code, entertainment, decor, presentations and music, basically the whole shebang.

A well selected color palette accompanied by exceptional lighting can also serve as an event theme. The key is in the way it’s applied and executed.

Below are tips to on how to know your event theme.

1. Know the event’s objective

First, deeply understand the experience or information you want to relay.

2. Know the nature of your event

A corporate event is very different from a wedding or private party. Therefore, let your theme be matched suitably.

3. Know your audience

A Country or Lost in the 90s theme will hardly resonate with Generation Z. So, review your guest profiles and match the theme to their tastes.

3. Know your venue

Select a venue that accommodates your event theme. Some venues would require you to put in a lot more to achieve your event theme which isn’t worth it.

4. Know your suppliers

They must have the capabilities to deliver on the chosen theme. A professional and experienced event planner can advise you on how to go about selecting a good array of suppliers.


Before you plan an event, first know your event theme. You can rely on the tips above to guide your selection or come to Lucidity and we’ll guide you through the process.

Once decided, let’s talk on how to bring your selected event theme to life!

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