Want Unique Event Table Decor? Hire Our Rustic Farmhouse Tables

Rustic farmhouse tables were a long standing feature in many homes in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s.

In design, they were wooden dining tables. Often styled with crochet table mats or full tablecloth.

From the 2000s onward, there was an influx of Chinese imports where you’d see shiny marble, glass, and rice husks tables in many homes.

But lately rustic farmhouse tables have returned to reclaim their lost glory.

Besides refined wood, you can make a rustic table from reclaimed wood. Besides homes and restaurants, they’re now popular at events too

BUT what’s so fascinating about them?

It’s probably because they’re simple, timeless, versatile, and effortless to style. Plus, you can use them for low and high seating.

The low seating culture

The low seating culture is prevalent in Asian, Arabian and African cultures.

The Swahili and Somali communities prefer to sit on carpeted floors and eat from a communal tray called ‘sinia.’

In Japan, it’s known as the Tatami culture, and was adapted from the Chinese. Tatami is a flooring material or mat, that’s still used in traditional Japanese-style rooms.

Whatever your style, check out the PHOTOS below to see what appeals to you!

6 event table decor styles to try with rustic farmhouse tables

#1. Swahili style low table

These Swahili style low tables from Lucidity are repurposed wood pallets.

The fundi smoothened, then varnished them for a glossy finish. The wood crates complement them.

Additionally, you can adorn the crates with cushions.

The beige giant cushions are an option to the crates.

In this look, decor elements were drawn from the nearby environment for styling.

For example newspapers for chargers, painted stones and wood lanterns for table centerpieces.

#2. Log style low table

This log style low table is a dream! Rugged on the edges with sturdy legs it’s the perfect outdoor party accessory.

Notice how the cow hide rug makes it pop whilst the lace runner completes what’s essentially a stunning look.

The thing about this table is that you can use assorted, diverse accessories and you’ll still achieve any look you want.

#3. Stocky low table

This stocky low farmhouse table kinda looks like a rhino, right?

It has a nice rustic feel that blends with the environment.

Though the good thing with most farmhouse tables is that they blend into any type of space. For this styling they went for a minimalist look with simple accessories.

#4. The cherry rustic farmhouse table

We’ve made our rustic farmhouse tables from reclaimed wood. They seat 14 guests at the maximum, but the ideal is eight.

They’re quite simple to set up and versatile.

You’ll find that they’re perfect for any season and can be transformed fantastically to suit any style you desire.

#5. The rugged farmhouse table

It’s 2020 and some of those risque styles we see on social media are POSSIBLE!

You can’t help but love the washed out look on this farmhouse table’s legs.

The reclaimed look on the table, the chairs and wine bottles is superb. In fact the mismatched chairs give it an extra edgy look.

#6. Bamboo farmhouse table

See those bamboo legs and how they deliver a simple and functional rustic style?

That’s the rustic appeal –natural, warm and straightforward.

Then the spider leg candelabras complete a look that has the kind of energy you need to enjoy a good cosy outdoor party with your family or rafikis.

Frequently asked questions?

1. Where can I hire rustic farmhouse tables in Nairobi?

We have the best rustic farmhouse tables for hire in Nairobi.

They’re made of reclaimed wood to give them the finest aged look and are big enough to hold 8 – 14 guests.

2. Are rustic farmhouse tables still in style?

Yes, they are.

There’s something about the rural farm life (look and feel) that holds a wide appeal especially for informal gatherings like weddings and private parties.

A rustic farmhouse table has a warm, approachable feel that makes a space feel like home.

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Rustic farmhouse tables are authentic.

They’re cultural, sustainable and eternally stylish.

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