Types of Events We Plan and Deliver

1. Corporate Event Planners in Kenya

Why do people attend corporate events in Kenya?

We’ve discovered over the years that it’s because they want an experience that could include: 

  • Sampling your product or service
  • Hearing your story firsthand
  • Being inspired by your outstanding business leaders
  • Networking and building meaningful connections

Hence the reason we concentrate on exclusivity to deliver your event.

We do this by focusing on the most critical elements of your brand and then customizing them to meet your event’s objectives.

We always aim for the highest standards of corporate event styling to deliver spaces that ease networking and are enjoyable, memorable, and sustainable.

2. Wedding Planner Kenya Nairobi

As a couple, you want assurance that your wedding will be flawless.

We know that’s not a tall order because wedding planning relies first on quality data

Add to that superior skills in venue and supplier selection to setting budgets, developing a checklist, and keeping all these details in perspective.

We’re also keen to build symmetry with you by first understanding your deepest needs to establish a vibrant connection. 

Thus, as Kenya wedding planners, we always strive to provide the best wedding planning experience and results.

3. Party Planners Nairobi

These intimate private parties or micro-events, often hosted in-home settings or private establishments, are involving and come with significant expectations. 

We know why.

You’re anxious about opening up your personal space or privacy, fretting about your guests’ expectations, whether you’re getting the best event services, and what it will cost you. 

It’s a lot, whether you’re used to entertaining or not.

However, we promise to make it easy for you. Because we’re well equipped to support you in delivering something fun and unforgettable, from birthday parties, baby showers, and house warmings to graduation parties and anniversaries. 

As experienced party planners in Kenya, we embrace emerging trends and creativity and employ good old elbow grease to get things done really well

Our specialty?

  • Baby and kids themed birthday parties 
  • Teen birthday parties
  •  Themed parties for adults

4. Conference planners in Nairobi Kenya

Networking is the lifeline of any business since this is how you build new connections, gather information and gain new insights.

We understand the immense value it has for your business.

That’s why we go all out to help you create engaging conferences and meetings that meet your organisation’s goals and run smoothly on budget.

We’ll support you with sourcing and negotiating the meeting space, hotel accommodation and transport for delegates, catering, audio-visual/event technology, marketing and communication materials.

In addition, we’ll source vendors, manage speaking engagements and all other critical activities.

If you’re ready to engage us, call/text/Whatsapp us on 0721771185 or email; [email protected], we’ll revert ASAP.