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Discover One of the Top Venues for Business Tourism in Nairobi

There’s no doubt that business tourism in Kenya is SOARING and to confirm this, is The Sarit Expo Centre.

It’s a uber-modern purpose-built convention centre (within the Sarit Centre Mall) in the heart of Westlands.

And yes, it’s a BIG win for business tourism in Kenya since it positions the country as a suitable destination in the region.

But first, what’s a convention centre? A convention (or conference centre) is a dynamic space built purposely for large groups of people to meet and share their common agenda(s).

The value of business tourism in Kenya

Business tourism is know by its acroynm; Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (M.I.C.E.). 

It’s a global industry worth trillions of dollars that many national economies now consider a critical driver for socio-economic growth. 

In Kenya, M.I.C.E. is highly crucial to the tourism and hospitality sector. According to statistics, at least 13,102 meetings are held annually.

Domestic meetings take the bulk at (49.9%), then corporate/ business meetings (17.9%), NGOs/CBOs meetings (10.8%) and international conferences (6.2%).

The government being cognisant of the need to drive MASSIVE traffic in the sector launched the Kenya National Convention Bureau.

M.I.C.E. also impacts multiple sectors like agriculture, retail, entertainment and the financial sectors. 

The Sarit Expo Centre has consistently built a stellar reputation for itself. It has proven expertise in hosting diverse events since its launch on September 10, 2019.

Therefore, here are 4 REASONS to have this venue at the top of your list for trade marketing, exhibitions, meetings and conferences.

#1. Modern facilities for business tourism in Kenya 

Business tourism in Kenya Lucidity Africa
a meeting room

By global standards, an ideal convention centre has tons of free space.

Nobody wants to be in a boring stuffy space with equally squeezed seating.

The modern MICE attendee is also known to have a shorter attention span. They therefore won’t be confined in one space and will want to move freely, mingle and share ideas.

So if it’s space you need, The Sarit Expo Centre has fully scalable indoor and outdoor spaces.

You’ll also be thrilled to experience its cutting edge technology; high-speed internet and top-notch audio-visual equipment, ideal for virtual and hybrid events.

The indoor space comprises of three MAIN convention halls and an additional seven other meeting rooms, each with varying capacities. 

Interestingly, the halls and meeting rooms are named after Kenyan forests attesting to this venue’s passion for environmental sustainability.

Most international attendees never get the chance to visit attractions within or near the meeting destinations. This homage to Kenya’s forests will therefore likely create an impression leading to possible return visits. 

The outdoor space is entirely exclusive with a flexible design while adjacent to it is a nine-storey silo consisting of a car park with over 900 parking slots.

#2. An event planner’s dream

Business tourism in Kenya Exhibition Lucidity Africa
an exhibition at one of the convention halls

The Sarit Expo Centre besides space, skilled staff to guide you in the planning and delivery of any type of event easily.

Best part? The service elevators lead you right into the convention halls reducing the loading and unloading challenges often encountered in similar venues.

Another thing to add to this venue’s appeal is the sheer size of the convention halls.

Arabuko is the largest hall with a floor space of 1,797 m2. Loita, the second-largest, has 857 m2 and Cherengani, the smallest cover 657 m2.

For the meeting rooms, you’re spoilt for choice with; Maai, the largest room with 146 m2, Mwina, the second largest is 126m2, Maranga, the third largest is 70m2 and Makunga the smallest one is 54m2.

The outdoor space covers an area of 4,500m2 and can comfortably accommodate any type of tentage to suit your event layout and design. 

With such broad spaces there’s absolutely no limit to what you can create. From business expos, art exhibitions to weddings and even concerts.

Having funky furniture and tables is also not enough. Attendees want to shop, sit to chat at restaurants, and probably even work out. So, think beyond the conventional. Figure out how to include all these into your array of experiences. 

#3. Top attraction for business travelers

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an event at one of the convention halls (preCOVID)

Remember, a business traveler ONLY wants a seamless and stress-free experience.

From travel, clearance to transfers, hotel accommodation, and then the convention center.

The Sarit Expo Centre has mapped this journey and aligned to it. Besides, these travelers are very savvy and particular with quality.

Because they have exposure to the best, they’ve got high expectations. They want; fine artsy interiors, lighting as well as contemporary restaurants, swanky entertainment spots, and fitness centres. 

On this, the venue delivers not only within but outside it too.

#4. Convenient location

business tourism in kenya sarit expo centre parking
outside parking

Because of tight schedules, a top requirement of this type of venue is convenience. Accommodation, restaurants and other amenities MUST be within reach.

Within and around The Sarit Expo Centre, you’ll discover trendy restaurants and hotels with proven experience to serve local and global clients. 

These restaurants offer; delectable cuisines informed by Nairobi’s multicultural population, plush interiors, and all the trappings of superior comfort that attendees would need to blow off steam.

The location is entirely hassle-free and is a convenient 21 km drive to and from (J.K.I.A), the main airport.

Additionally, Nairobi being cosmopolitan, there’s the promise of exhilarating experiences. For instance; musical performances, art exhibitions, book readings and theatrical plays.

business tourism in Kenya Sarit Expo Centre
A wedding at one of the convention halls

The Sarit Expo Centre is an ideal venue for MICE. 

Facilities, equipment, and environment have a significant impact on attendees’ perceived quality of convention centres. 

The Sarit Expo Centre has modern facilities, eases the hassles of event planning, ideal attractions for business travelers, convenient location AND skilled staff.

If you want a space with all the essentials for a thrilling experience, you now know where to start.

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