You are currently viewing Inspo: Throw Incredible Jewel Tone Decor for Your Event 

Inspo: Throw Incredible Jewel Tone Decor for Your Event 

Looking for a rich color palette for your next event? If so, we’d like to share our jewel tone decor inspiration with you in this article.

This color theme is popular because it’s vibrant, catchy and luxurious.

The boldness of color that comes with it can be somewhat intimidating especially if you’re used to neutral tones. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to pull off.

What are the jewel tone colors?

Jewel tones as the name suggests are colors derived from gemstones. 

Kenya is the source of some of the finest gemstones in the world such as tsavorite (green), amethyst (purple), aquamarine (green-blue), Iolite (violet blue), ruby (pink red) and sapphire (blue).

Other precious gemstones include diamonds, emeralds, opals, onyx and more.

What’s striking about gemstones is their deep and intense color saturation. Jewel tones  are associated with royalty and the well to do, hence when applied in decor we can’t help but want a piece of the regalness and distinction that comes with them.

How to use jewel tone colors in event decor

Jewel tone decor application comes with two main options;

  1. Layering/mix and match
  2. Single color use 


If you want to completely immerse yourself in the jewel tone decor experience, use a color wheel to help you make the best color selections.

Look for colors that offer the best contrast (opposites on the color wheel) or those that best complement each other, they’re next to each other on the color wheel and have similar but varying shades.

Then add textures and patterns to highlight the coloring. Some other add ons to elevate your jewel tone decor include vases, area rugs, candles and runners. 

Remember: Jewel tones are luxurious, so ensure decor props with metallic accents are premium too.

Single jewel tone

If you only want a hint of jewel tone, you can opt to apply a single color or varying shades of it against a neutral background or space.

Alternatively, you can match your jewel tone color to decor props such as napkins, runners, glassware, placemats or menus.

Where to apply jewel tones in event decor

Apply jewel tones to your space as you please as long as they come off looking good. Our favorite places to apply jewel tones in event decor are table tops, backdrops, photowalls and lounges.

1. Jewel tone table top decorations

Centrepieces (floral and non floral) and table linens are some of the hassle free ways to apply jewel tone event decor.

Source jewel tone flowers easily directly from flower farms or local markets (City Market, Nairobi). 

a) Floral centrepieces inspo.

Jewel tone decor Kenya

b) Non floral centrepieces inspo.

c) Table linens 

2. Jewel tone backdrops

Applying the same styling principles as with the centrepieces, you can create a jewel tone backdrop to suit your event.

Vinyl is often the go to material due to its versatility (wide color selection) and clean wrinkle free finish.

3. Jewel Tone Lounges 

Decor props such as cushions, area rugs, lamp shades and accent tables can help you achieve incredible jewel tone decor for your lounge.

What colors go well with jewel tone decor?

Excess jewel tone can make your event seem too dark. That’s why layering it evenly with neutral tones like brown, grey and black ensures you achieve a distinct balance.

Are jewel tones in style?

The trend is currently popular not just at events but in home decor and fashion. Reason being, people want to immerse in these exciting, bold and rich colorings moving away from the usual neutrals and pastels. 

Work with us

Wondering where to draw jewel tone decor inspiration from locally?

The theme is similar to and complements African decor. Consider the richness of color, patterns and textures across various cultures and you’re spoilt for choice.

We’re event decorators in Nairobi with the expertise and capabilities to help you deliver on this decor theme.

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