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5 Best Tips for Planning a Garden Wedding in Kenya

Planning a garden wedding in Kenya? 

We’d like to share our experience with you from a wedding we recently helped plan and deliver at Zereniti Gardens in the heart of Limuru.

It’s one of the chilliest places in Kenya, but a fantastic location for outdoor weddings due to its lush landscapes.

On further reflection, perhaps what helped this particular outdoor event from the vagaries of weather was the couple’s good mind to slot the date in what’s guaranteed to be a warm rain free season (plus of course, LUCK!) 

Detailed planning precedes outdoor events because the spaces are open and unstructured with unique challenges of their own. 

Nonetheless, it wasn’t as easy because we had a massive unexpected downpour on the set up day that almost ruined our plans. 

So to help you along, here are five tips for planning a garden wedding in Kenya.

How to plan a garden wedding in Kenya

1. Check the weather forecast…

…because any outdoor wedding or event only works in impeccable weather. Not rainy, chilly or sizzling hot, but an immaculate and relatively sunny day.

If you’re a risk taker, you can go further by completely eliminating tents but do consult your event planner on the best course of action. 

How to plan a garden wedding in Kenya
Garden Wedding in Kenya

Kenya generally has good weather for most of the year but it’s advisable to check in with a certified weather service for guidance on the best season or month to slot your garden wedding.

Additionally, if you have abled differently guests, elders and children, work on a contingency plan to allow them comfort and shelter. 

Something else: Conduct thorough research on the venue to establish important details such as whether it floods when it rains.

2. Source a perfect venue for your garden wedding in Kenya 

The novelty of a garden wedding is the landscape and fresh air. 

Your guests will be treated to breathtaking scenery and expansive space for their comfort and ease of movement.

However, don’t forget to check the venue’s accessibility for driving and non-driving guests (are there good and well lit roads? Is there public transport?)… 

Additionally, is there adequate water, washrooms, parking, security and power?

Remember to take note of what you need to add to the venue such as extra washrooms, generator or water. You should also consider a fumigation plan to ensure harmful bugs and insects don’t disturb the peace.

3. Create a floor plan

It’s harder to create a formation when you’re working with a borderless space. 

So, how do you skirt this challenge? 

Simply create a floor plan to help you achieve a functional arrangement of all your elements.

The table arrangement should ensure each guest has a decent view of the main focal point and can hear all proceedings without a hitch.

4. Consider complementary decor

Garden wedding in Kenya
Table Layout Plan for Outdoor Wedding in Nairobi Kenya

Strive to have your garden wedding decor in Kenya complement and blend in with the venue landscape and scenery.

It will not only look nice and natural but will help you save tons on your budget.

If you’re going to have cover, select a tent design that allows your guests to enjoy their environment. 

For instance, a stretch tent for its open sides or one with huge clear windows like a B-line or A-frame. If you’re not using tents, consider overhead lighting with festoons or fairy lights.

Create a mood board with pictures from Pinterest and other worthy inspiration photos, to help create the vision you desire.

5. Communicate your plans to guests

Not everyone enjoys the outdoors.

Let your guests know exactly what type of set up to expect so they can prepare mentally and plan the appropriate dress code.

For suppliers like the caterer and sound team, agree on what they need for this particular set up to avoid challenges with food preparation, layout or sound and audio equipment.

To ensure everyone’s enhanced comfort, have watering points with assorted drinks and snacks.

Create experience points where they can take photos or easily meet and greet.

Most importantly, create an exciting experience for their enjoyment as they celebrate your special day.

One other thing we found useful is to check out other garden weddings happening at the venue in the lead up to yours or before you confirm your booking. 

Note their floor plan, how many guests per floor plan, whether the venue adequately prepares the space before each event and other valuable details to help you have a successful garden wedding.

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