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10 Vision Board Ideas for Better Event Planning

Vision board ideas help to articulate ideas and thoughts.

As you plan your event you need a vision board to sell or get buy-in for your ideas.

The ease of understanding or grasping a concept is a matter of feeling, connecting and visualizing, something that vision boards enable.

As you’ll learn in this article, there are tons of varying vision board ideas.

Technology is also rolling out quick, simple, and viable vision board apps all the time.

We’ve featured ten digital vision board ideas to consider for event planning.

#1. Vision board meaning?

A vision board is also known as a mood or inspiration board.

It’s a visual pattern physical or digital, that conveys the general idea about any type of event or activity.

It’s distinct in its presentation of images, colors, materials, and other design elements you’ll need to deliver the complete concept.

Vision boards are popular visualization tools especially with event professionals, project managers and designers.

Remember: An effective vision board template is always on message and consistent to accurately capture and relay the idea you’re selling.

#2. Why is a vision board important?

A vision board brings your ideas to life and it’s benefits can make or break your project. See below why you need to start exploring vision board ideas, fast.

i) Brainstorm 

Once you’ve shared a vision board with others, you’ll get diverse opinions. Better yet, you may get a winning idea or opinion to add significance to the original concept.

ii) Alignment 

A vision board reveals your idea to everyone with clarity. In essence, deepening their understanding of expectations and how to plugin. 

iii) Clarity

Awareness eases communication to further heighten clarity. The vision board ensures there are no blurred lines that could lead to errors.  

iv) Consistency

With a vision board, you’ve no fear of misinterpretation. Anyone can refer at a glance to keep the style consistent.

#3. What goes into a vision board?

Anything and everything.

You’re objective is to exhaust an idea by covering it from start to end.

So every quirky detail that enhances it has to be captured. 

A handy tip to developing an effective vision board template is to keep a journal.

Jot down key details about your idea.

Then, continue to update it till you achieve the desired final style or concept.

#4. Types of vision board ideas?

a) Physical collage

In the not too distant past, the norm was to create vision boards using a base of bulletin boards or foam core.

The process involved the intense sourcing of image cutouts in magazines, old books, and newspapers.

Looking back it must have been a challenge to get the exact content. As a result, sketches and drawings helped to spice things up. 

b) Digital collage

A digital collage unlike a physical one is pretty easy to put together.

Because all you need is an app you can download to a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Besides, it can be saved for further input or use in another project. Digital collages are are efficient and flexible to create.

See below a variety of digital vision board to consider.

10 digital vision board ideas to consider for event planning

1. Canva

This is a truly fantastic design application.

In practice, it creates visual graphics for multiple uses.

You can get it on the web and mobile. What’s more, it comes with loads of images, fonts, templates, and illustrations.

2. Pinterest

On a primary level, Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service.

Its creators’ initial plan was to make it a tool for saving and discovering information online.

For vision boards, you can rely on its pin boards made of images, GIFs, and videos.

3. Instagram

You’ve probably used ‘the Gram’ for photo sharing.

But did you know it’s perfect for inspirational vision board ideas too?

Of notable interest is the fact that its vision boards mimic the physical collages that have been at play for ages.

4. Sample Board

This is a flawless app. With it, you’ll create a professional vision board in a matter of minutes.

It’s also user friendly and many decor stagers and interior designers swear by it. 

5. Milanote

Milanote is a uniquely designed app.

It integrates with Unsplash (a photography site) to give you instant access to a massive library of free professional photos.

Creative or professionals with design-heavy work often find it useful.

6. InVision

This vision board app provides seamless support for prototypes, collabos, and workflow.

In consequence giving clarity and control to any design process.

7. GoMood

You’ve really got to try GoMood because it helps you put together your ideas quickly and makes them easily shareable.

With this app, everything is simplified with shareable links.

8. Mural 

The only downside to Mural is that you’d have to subscribe to use.

Its digital whiteboards empower remote teams to visually explore complex challenges together.

The collaboration can happen between teams in different time zones and locations.

9. PatternTap 

This app by ZURB is quite deliberate since it lays emphasis on the collection of specific designs and user interaction patterns.

Through it, planners and designers can learn what works well and why.

10. Evernote

In a word, this is a phenomenal tool, available on desktop, laptop and mobile. With a slogan like ‘Remember Everything,’ you can bet it’s precise in delivery.

How does it work? It collates your thoughts online through note-taking, images capture, voice messages, and handwritten notes. 

BONUS: Event Canvas

Want an event design methodology? This one works. It was created by top event designers Ruud Janssen and Roel Frissen.

Their intention was for a common visual language between the event owner and the planner.

Using it (properly) guarantees delivery of outstanding events.

Another key point: Check on an app’s accessibility levels.

Some apps are only free to a specific limit. Others, you’ll have to pay before use.

Most of these vision board ideas are founded on design think, a pretty revolutionary concept.

Design think is first, a powerful strategy to enhance experiences.

Second, it’s an excellent way to refine a project’s style before you dive into the actual design process.

And third, it’s an invariable way to save valuable time and money.

Frequently asked question

1. What is on a vision board?

A vision board has every piece of picture, fabric, clipping or anything that captures your goals and plan for a project. The perfect vision board should help you visualize your goals and objectives hence it should contain everything you need to help you achieve your objectives.

2. Do vision boards actually work?

Yes they do. But only if they capture all your ideas, dreams and plans at a glance. An effective vision board helps your visualize and realize an objective. It should also be clear for easy brainstorming with others.

With all these vision board ideas, you’ll never have to strain or struggle explaining an idea or concept.

You can check a vision board online or create your vision board template using your preferred app.

All in all, try out these processes to find the one that fits. Then, use it to power your event planning and design process to success.

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