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4 Easy Steps to Delivering a Thrilling Themed Event

Planning a thrilling themed event but don’t know how to make it a success? We’ve got you.

It’s terrible to have guests over to your event only for them to get bored and wish they’d not come at all.

We wouldn’t want that for you, hence the reason we’ve shared insights in this article on how to deliver a successful thrilling themed event.

What makes an event successful?

The secret to a successful event is detailed planning, an experienced event planner, a fantastic venue and the right suppliers. There are obviously other factors that impact the success, but these are the main ones to consider.

How to deliver a thrilling themed event

1. Select an engaging event theme

An event theme is the idea that gives structure and character to an event. 

Red Bull, the energy drink brand, is perfect at creating thrilling event themes.

In 2012, it sought to set the world record for the highest parachute jump. This was in line with its bold marketing tag line: Red Bull gives you wings

The target was to clinch the world record along with professional skydiver Felix Baumgartner.

To add to the thrill, Felix broke the record to garner 3 million views and earned accolades for one of the greatest stunts in free-fall history.

Obviously Red Bull had the budget to deliver a thrilling themed event. However, this doesn’t suggest that you must break the bank to thrill your guests.

The key is to find an engaging idea within budget around your goals that’s also guaranteed to resonate with your target audience.

2. Develop an event plan for your thrilling themed event

Once you’ve figured out theme, select a suitable plan and develop your event layout and decor plan.

For guaranteed success, engage a credible, experienced event planner. Their work is to oversee each detail of the production process. Their expert opinions and advice will prove invaluable to your goals.

Event planning is an innate specialized skill requiring grit, a high level of organization and solid networks. So if these aren’t your strong suits, get a professional.

Before hiring the event planner, discuss their proposed charges. Specifically, to understand their value proposition and fee structure.

3. Prepare a detailed checklist

Tailor your checklist to the quotation to ensure you capture all required items.

These items include all the event elements, contingencies, professional fees and taxes.

The checklist is a critical event planner tool of trade and a guide to budgeting.  But beyond this, it’s your best guide to a thrilling themed event.

Because it tracks expenditure, lead times, deadlines and contingencies.

4. Set the budget for your thrilling themed event

Ideally, the budget should come last because some line items costs can’t be estimated. It’s more orderly to collect data then, quote for approval.

The budget serves to control expenses and guard revenues while equally forming the basis for weighing the event’s success. 

To set the budget factor in the available funding vis a vis, the quotation.

Your final decision should be weighed against the expected Return on Investment (ROI). Don’t scrimp at the expense of the event theme.

Also remember to plan for contingencies like –bad weather, extra requests or cancellations. 

This guide to a thrilling themed event will help you avoid the pitfalls of poor event planning and budgeting.

Without doubt, these are always the leading reasons for predictable, failed events.

These guiding steps are not set in a particular order because priorities may vary. However, they’ve all been tried, tested and proven effective. 

A thrilling themed event must have; an engaging theme, an event plan, a detailed checklist and the set budget with clear ROI. 

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