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3 Beautiful Wedding Backdrop Ideas for Knock Out Photos

There’s no doubt beautiful wedding backdrop ideas will help you create knock out photos.

Photos help us build on wonderful memories to look back on and share with loved ones.

After all, how will your grand kids know about your this special milestone?

In this article, we share with you three wedding backdrop ideas worth considering.

What is a wedding backdrop?

A wedding backdrop is a stand alone frame against which photos are taken. Backdrops comes in various designs, colors, shapes and sizes. Some of them revolve around a theme to match the general design concept of the event.

Wedding backdrop ideas: How to create the best photography backdrops

There’s no doubt, event decor is the secret ingredient that brings everything into character.

So for starters and with the help of your event decorator, identify all the value points for your event.

These could be; the main entrance, altar, dance floor or main stage, it all depends on your event layout.

Pick out the value point you’d like to highlight with a superbly adorned photography backdrop. You can have more than one, it all depends on your budget.

Remember, to make it a collaborative process where you also seek your photographer’s opinion especially on lighting and colors.

The best wedding backdrop ideas for photography in Kenya

Now that we’ve dispensed with those valuable details, here are three simple wedding backdrop ideas to whet your creative appetite.

#1. Floral arch

wedding backdrop ideas

Feminine beauty! This photography backdrop’s colors are a mood-setter. Very simple to execute.

You can fabricate the frame and adorn it as you please. It’s a very EDGY look worthy of your event photos.

#2. Photography backdrop

wedding backdrop ideas

Utter perfection! A SPLASH of colors to bring your photos to life.

For this photography backdrop, capture the detail on the frame and ensure it’s stable.

On florals and palm spears application and other trinkets, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can do.

#3. Floral entry

Wedding backdrop ideas

What MINIMALIST heaven!

We first laid the metal frame with drift woods before applying the greenery and minimal florals.

That was sufficient to create a minimalist floral arch for this entrance.

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Beautiful wedding backdrop ideas enhance any event by making it visually appealing and creating the best photos.

Moreover, you don’t require much to make that riveting photography backdrop. Good planning + elegant event decor will deliver it.

To emphasize: First, start by mapping out your event’s value points, brainstorm with your event decorator and photographer, then execute.

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