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How to Get an Elegant Custom Made Wedding Gown in Kenya

Where can you find the best wedding gowns in Kenya? Ask Dorinah Kangiri of Rynah by Rynah, a successful bridal atelier in Nairobi.

A wedding gown is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated highlights of any wedding.

Guests will be fixated on you as you walk down the aisle. 

All eyes will be on the gown’s aesthetics, how it fits, whether it accentuates your curves in the right way and how smoothly it flows as you move.

Their eyes will fleet to your adoring groom to gauge his reaction at the ‘vision’ wafting towards him and then back to you.

This will be your once-in-a-life-time moment, so you better work it girl. 

But relax, this is not in any way meant to make you anxious; it’s instead a whimsical reflection on how much influence this particular outfit could have on your special day.

Ultimately the only thing that should matter is that you’re comfortable and happy because you’ll be in it for almost 10 hours straight.

Best weddings gowns in Kenya: How to get the best

custom made wedding gowns

1. Have a theme or style in mind

You certainly have a rough idea of what your wedding will be like by now. 

It’s either going to be at a –garden, indoors, beach, or other exciting/sentimental location. Or, you’ve got unique accessories planned to go with it. 

Your wedding gown’s style and cut have to reflect these besides resonating with your personality.

2. Be open-minded 

There are trends, and then there’s reality.

What you have your mind settled on might turn out to be a terrible fit or idea. 

In fact, what you might have dismissed could be the ideal wedding gown for you.

3. Know your size

Understand your body type and size in detail and even research it so that you’ll know what to expect and also have some input on it, before you settle on a bridal designer.

4. Find a fab bridal designer

Now that you’ve got most of the important stuff figured out, begin an intense search for a bridal designer.

You could ask for referrals, but you could also carry out your own search (online and offline).

5. How will you know the right one?

You’ll just know.

By the designer’s skill, past work, presentation, work ethic, responsiveness, chemistry, it’s all going to be there; trust your gut.

6. Book an appointment

Book an appointment to ensure you get the best service.

Ensure to clear your day’s entire schedule because you don’t want to get there and rush everything, hence ruining a potentially good relationship.

7. Cost

You can only work on a budget when you’ve seen what’s out there, including accessories that’ll go with the gown.

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: Meet Dorinah Kangiri, Bridal Atelier in Nairobi

custom made wedding gowns
Dorinah Kangiri of Rynah by Rynah, bridal atelier.

Dorinah knows a thing or two about bridal gowns but she didn’t start on custom made wedding gowns from day one. She actually started off with a general sewing business in 2013 while in Tanzania. 

At the time, she worked on almost everything from vitenges to staff uniforms. However, over time it lost the spark, becoming monotonously mind-numbing. 

This, in turn, intensified a craving for something that would challenge her creativity. So in 2017, she decided to risk it all by bundling everything out and rebranding to only specialize in custom made bridal and evening wear.

Her return to Kenya in 2019 convinced her that she’d made the right decision despite the difficult transition. Unlike Dar es Salaam, Kenya was promising, so she decided to pursue this venture unreservedly.

Of course, the beginning wasn’t a stroll in the park as she had to carry out intense awareness campaigns on social media, which thankfully proved useful.

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: Latest weddings gowns by Rynah by Rynah

best wedding gowns in Kenya

According to Dorinah, the process of making a custom made wedding gown is as different as the brides are. 

There’s nothing like ‘one process fits all’ because each bride is unique. Hence every gown is unique, and so is each process. 

The six main silhouettes that modern brides often order are; princess, A-line, mermaid, trumpet, sheath, and tea length.

As a matter of fact, she recently finished off a wedding dress in a record six days, which, according to her, is the fastest she’s ever done. 

‘I was utterly delighted that the bride got to exchange her vows in a Rynah by Rynah wedding gown.’ 

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: What’s unique about Rynah by Rynah? 

best wedding gowns in Kenya

Dorinah lends a listening ear. Yes, she’ll design your wedding gown wonderfully, but she’ll also really listen to you.

The Rynah by Rynah brand prides itself on superbly excellent customer service and seamless service. It sounds cliché, but she’s unwavering in her conviction that this is what endears her to clients. 

She further adds that when a bride contacts her, she creates a seamless, stress-free process that enables the right chemistry to thrive.

Most brides are grappling with a ton of suppliers, uncertainties, and immense pressure; therefore, her job is to make it as easy as possible for the bride to get what she needs.

Additionally, she’s available on the wedding morning to steam the wedding dress and veil and help the bride get dressed.

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: Where does she draw inspiration?

God is her inspiration.

She also believes: ‘Your clients can educate you. Never imagine that you know everything’. 

Some brides have carried out in-depth research on designs, they have international designers at their fingertips, and know precisely what they want. 

Others have such a fantastic sense of style and are meticulous in their organization; it’s astonishing, while others just need a wedding gown, as simple as that.

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: What does she wish brides knew about wedding gowns?

There’s a trend where brides prefer to rent rather than purchase. 

Dorinah recommends that instead of renting, a bride should seriously consider a custom made wedding gown and, if possible, an accompanying evening dress.


Because if you do it right, your wedding dress embodies your love story and heralds the next chapter, which is a lifetime with your spouse.

It also has to be photo-worthy for your wedding book because your grand kids will marvel at it. 

Being your own creation, you’ll choose the fabric, the embellishments, the length you want, the works! Meaning you’ll get the wedding gown of your dreams, custom made just for you.

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: Best moments in business?

There’s nothing that fulfills her like bringing a bride’s vision to life.

In the entire production process, the third fitting is the best for her since the wedding gown and veil are ready, and the bride can finally see her complete bridal look.

Also, seeing the bride on the wedding day in her creation; and how she’s accessorized the wedding gown is a source of immense satisfaction. 

Knowing how it started and how it all eventually comes together to make ‘a bride’, is immensely satisfying.

Best wedding gowns in Kenya: How should one place an order with Rynah By Rynah?

Best wedding gowns in Kenya

Dorinah encourages bridal consultations before placing an order. Bookings can be made through calls/ SMS to +254 748 175 620, social media or website.

The 1st bridal consultation is basically like a ‘date.’ She sits with the bride, and discusses everything regarding her wedding gown; designs, ideas, preferred silhouette, fabrics, shapes, hemlines, veils, trains, embellishments, layers, colors, accessories, budget, and much more. 

This first consultation is so intense it could go on for hours, depending on how prepared a bride is. 

She also recommends that a bride attends the 1st consultation unaccompanied, to share freely without any interruptions or being crowded by other people’s opinions. 

After the first consultation, most brides will go home, sleep it over, then return for the secpnd consultation with the mum/ sister/ MoH/ a good friend/favorite aunt or even the groom. 

Deep down, this is when you know she’s yours – she’s going to make her gown with you, and what a feeling!

During the second consultation, here’s what happens; everything about the wedding dress is finalized, the fabric is approved, measurements are taken, and a deposit is paid.

A sketch follows before production starts – and this basically shows how the final wedding gown and veil will look.

Once the bride confirms the sketch, production starts.

Three fittings are recommended to ensure a perfect fit.

Frequently asked questions

1. How much does wedding gown cost in Kenya?

The cost of a Rynah by Rynah custom made wedding gown in Nairobi is determined by the type of fabric, silhouette, embellishments, and skill employed. The minimum cost for a custom made wedding gown is about Kshs. 65,000.

2. What bride wears under wedding dress in Kenya?

Some brides wear corsets, either inbuilt with the dress or separate. Body shapers are also highly popular.

3. How can a bride hide belly fat with her wedding gown?

Either by cinching in the waist, or wearing a corset or body shaper. The best wedding gown style if you’re conscious about this is an A-line.

Evidently all you need is a skilled bridal designer with a reputation for delivering the best wedding gowns in Kenya. To achieve the best results, simply have an open mind and be honest about your needs and expectations.

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