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How Much Does It Cost to Plan an Event in Kenya? (Here’s All You Need to Know)

Wondering how much it costs to plan an event in Kenya? We have affordable event packages for your selection.

We’re event planners in Nairobi keen to help you plan an excellent event.

We’ve crafted these budget packages to give you convenience, flexibility, and ease of planning.

Our Lucidity event packages cover weddings, birthdays, graduations, meetings, and conferences.

They come with competitive prices for a minimum-cost event and all the basics you need to execute a decent, elegant event. 

Want to know more? It’s all in this article.

What is an event package?

An event package is a specially customized and subsidized budget created by a service provider for a specific type of event. It captures all the essential elements required and some add-ons to help deliver the event efficiently.

Make your event happen with an affordable Lucidity event package

1. Full wedding packages in Nairobi

A wedding is a unique once-in-a-lifetime milestone that joins families and communities together for generations. It’s no mean feat.

It requires attention to detail, which can only be achieved through proper planning by an experienced professional. This is where we come in.

As wedding planners in Nairobi, we understand what’s required, from the obvious to the unforeseen; we have a rolodex of suppliers and partners to help achieve the desired effect.

We provide a budget and manage it afterward, help coordinate suppliers, protect your interests by ensuring all suppliers are briefed and on contract, help to source the venue and follow up on all the possible nitty gritty.

At Lucidity Africa Events, our specialty is:

  1. Small rustic weddings
  2. Tropical coast-themed weddings
  3. Bohemian-themed weddings
  4. Traditional weddings
  5. African-themed weddings:

We have teams of decorators, florists, tents, tables, chairs, rentals and service partners in audiovisual, photographers, videographers, caterers, and beauty prep professionals to deliver these weddings.

A full wedding package in Nairobi generally consists of all the must-haves you need to provide a decent wedding, such as; 

  • venue hire
  • vows exchange set up and decor, lighting, and flowers
  • reception set up and decor, lighting and flowers 
  • tents, tables, and chairs
  • catering
  • cake
  • transport for the couple, bridal team and close relatives 
  • audiovisual (PA)
  • photography and videography
  • mc
  • entertainment

Our full wedding packages in Nairobi provide these elements on a fundamental level. However, if you expect pomp, color, and fireworks for your special day, we’ll deliver that. To ensure you get the desired experience, see our event packages in Kenya for weddings.

(A) Dove full wedding package Kenya

Event Package Kenya

A dove is a gentle, unassuming bird given to innocence and vulnerability. That’s why we fashioned this basic package to suit a bride only keen on having a simple but elegant wedding at an affordable cost.

  • set up for vows exchange and reception (tents – regular high peak/canopies | chairs (chiavari, banquet) | dressed tables)
  • minimal decorations and flowers 
  • audiovisual (DJ)
  • mc
  • a dedicated wedding planner for the day  

200 – 300 guests: Kshs. 299,000 – 399,000

(B) Swan full wedding package Kenya

Full Wedding Planning Package Prices Kenya

Graceful and committed with a deep desire to be pampered is how best to describe a swan. The bride who embodies these characteristics wants a beautiful, well-laid-out, and unique event. If this is you, here’s what we have for you.

  • set up for vows exchange and reception (tents – Bline | chairs | tables)
  • decor, flowers, and lighting
  • audiovisual (DJ)
  • mc
  • kids play area
  • a dedicated wedding planner from contract signing to post-wedding feedback

200 – 300 guests: Kshs. 499,000 – Kshs. 599,000

(C) Peahen full wedding package Kenya

Full Wedding Planning Package for 200 guests Kenya

Luxury, opulence, royalty, and virility represent the peahen. Any bride who ascribes to these qualities wants an exquisite display. She’s assertive and confident, with a taste for the finer things in life. For this bride, we have;

  • set up for vows exchange and reception (tents – A-frame | chairs | tables)
  • customized decorations, flowers, and lighting
  • audiovisual (DJ)
  • mc
  • kids play area
  • honeymoon (assist with planning and bookings)
  • a dedicated wedding planner from contract signing to post-wedding feedback

200 – 300 guests: Kshs. 699,000 – Kshs. 799,000

We prefer the bride selects her wedding beauty prep team, and it’s only on request that we make recommendations. 

Additional elements like cake, catering, invitation cards, entertainment, delivery, collection, and customized gift boxes, among others, are charged separately.

If you’re unsure which full wedding package suits you, don’t fret. Simply contact us, and we’ll guide you based on your requirements.

How much would a wedding for 100 guests cost? It can be as low as Kshs. 150,000 for decorations to as much as Kshs. 1,000,000. It all depends on the elements, location, theme and level of detail required.

2. Birthday packages in Kenya

Birthday Event Planning Package Prices Kenya

Consider our birthday package if you want nice, elegant decor, but you’re on a minimum budget.

Birthdays are a precious milestone for many people, and our goal is to make them as memorable as possible without breaking the bank.

When planning a birthday, we consider the celebrant’s age group. Is it a kid, teen, or adult? Based on this, we select elements to suit them and their preferred theme.

Our birthday decor packages cater for 20 guests at Kshs. 50,000, 50 guests – Kshs. 85,000 and 100 guests – Kshs. 120,000 and consist of tents, chairs, tables and decor.

Note, the packages only cover the following elements; 

  • hire of tents, tables, and chairs
  • simple photo wall
  • decor and props

If you want cake, catering, invitation cards, photography, audiovisual, beauty/grooming prep, and entertainment (band or artistes) these come at an extra cost..

3. Graduation event package Kenya

Graduation Full Planning Package Kenya

Any graduation event is worthy of celebration.

We know you’re anxious to have your family, friends, and other well-wishers celebrate it with you, and that’s why we’ll go all out to ensure you hack it on a minimum budget.

We have affordable decor packages for 50 guests at Kshs. 65,000 and 100 guests at Kshs. 100,000.

The package includes the following elements 

If you want invitation cards, photography, audiovisual, beauty/grooming prep, and entertainment (band or artistes), these will be charged separately.

4. Meeting and conference packages in Nairobi Kenya

Conference Management Services Kenya

A meeting or conference package in Nairobi consists of either a day conference, full board conference or board meeting.

(A) Day conference

Most organizations have day conferences where participants commute to the venue for a day or week-long engagement, usually from 8 am to 5 pm or half day. The package for this conference includes;

  • light breakfast for the early risers
  • tea and snack breaks at 10 am and 4 pm
  • lunch break at 1 pm – 2 pm
  • audiovisual
  • stationary, i.e., pads, pen, whiteboard, flip charts & markers

The price for this package depends on the venue and can range from Kshs. 2,500 – 4,000 per person.

(B) Full board conference

With this type of conference, participants have accommodation at the venue for the duration of the conference, which can run for two, three, or five days. 

It has similar elements to the day conference except for the all-meals inclusive package, airport transfers, and general transport.

Pricing for these packages can range from Kshs. 20,000 – 50,000, depending on the venue.

(C) Board meeting

These meetings can be a day or full board but with a smaller group in a smaller meeting room. They also include similar elements to the other formats.

Board meeting packages similarly reflect the exact pricing as the day or full board conferences.

If planning your next meeting and conference comes with a constant headache, chill out and let us help you. 

Remember: You can customize our event packages to suit your needs or budget, and we’ll make the amendments accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

All these affordable event packages come with help on theme creation, one site visit, continuous support on phone or email, and ground support on the event day.

1. How do I plan an event?

First, understand what your type of event requires by creating a checklist. Next, identify a venue and suppliers, then create a plan of how you want things to flow from start to end. However, having an event package to guide you makes it easy, convenient, and flexible.

2. What do most wedding packages include?

Most wedding event packages will include all the basics you need to execute the event. These consist of tents, event furniture, and decor. A Lucidity wedding event package on the other hand, goes the extra mile to offer competitive prices and add-on services to support you throughout the planning process.

3. How do you organize a low-budget birthday party?

The first thing is to make a checklist of everything you need and then indicate next to each item how much you want to spend. Based on the item, decide how and where to source it cheaply. Alternatively, you can talk to us about a detailed and competitive birthday party package.

Why work with us?

Event planning isn’t easy, so you need a professional events services company. Our offering comes with;

  • experience:  We do this daily, so event planning is second nature. We’ve garnered knowledge of the best event seasons, elements, venues, and suppliers to ensure your success. 
  • industry networks: Over the years, we’ve built and continue to build robust working relationships with diverse suppliers and partners to enhance our offering.
  • valuable insights and guidance: As your event planner, we should help you navigate complex details and situations and help you emerge in one piece. We’ll guide you on budgeting, venue and vendor selection, and contracts.

Our affordable event packages will help you enjoy the event planning process as they’re flexible and convenient.

If you’re planning a wedding, graduation, birthday, meeting, or conference, consider our packages for your desired outcome.

Contact us today, call/text/WhatsApp us at 0721771185, or email to start planning.