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Hire Tents Tables and Chairs in Nairobi the Easy Way

If you ‘re looking to hire tents tables and chairs for your event, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a comprehensive wedding and event rentals inventory made of assorted event furniture and decor for all types of events.

While we’re based in Nairobi, you can count on us to to deliver to any location within Kenya.

What’s more, we’re available round the clock to share prices and take your orders, so feel free to call us anytime.

For now, why don’t you review what we have to offer for tents hire, event furniture and decor?

Where to hire tents tables and chairs in Kenya

There are tons of event furniture designs and decor styles these days so you’re definitely spoilt for choice. 

Below are some of the tents tables chairs and decor props you can hire from us and customize to suit any event layout plan.

Wedding tents for hire in Nairobi

1. B-line tents for hire: 10m x 10m (pagoda)

Bline Tents Kenya
B-line tents Kenya

Our b-line tents or pagodas are one of the types of tents you’ll find for events in Kenya.

They come with a white or black satin lining to give you wider choice on decor and styling.

They’re also stylish, well maintained and the perfect solution for intimate luxurious event setups like weddings, birthdays, baby showers and anniversaries.

2. High peak regular tents: 10m x 5m and 5m x 5m

Hire tents, tables and chairs
High peak regular tents

When it comes to a friendly budget package, our clean and well maintained high peak regular tents will complement your event needs.

You can rely on them for church gatherings, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

Hire tables for events in Nairobi

3. Rustic farmhouse banquet tables

Hire farmhouse table Kenya
Rustic Farmhouse Banquet Table

We recommend these banquet tables for specific themes like rustic, country, or vintage.

These tables don’t need dressing unless it’s to heighten your decor effect.

With them, you can use large floral centerpieces, boho placemats, charger plates or napkins to enhance your decor.

4. Round tables

Hire tents, tables and chairs
Round table – plastic top

We have two types of round tables; the wood ones which are handmade locally, and the plastic imported.

They’re all pretty affordable, flexible for any type of decor and easy to transport, it all depends on your event layout plan or preference.

5. Rectangle trestle tables for hire Nairobi

Hire tents, tables and chairs in Nairobi
Rectangle Trestle Table – Plastic Top

Just like the round tables, the rectangle tables come in a wooden local handmade version and the plastic imported.

You can use them to create various table layouts like family, boardroom, classroom or u-shape.

They take up more of the centerpieces since you might have to use two or three but they deliver a unique look and feel for any event.

Cocktail tables for hire in Kenya

6. Hire Spandex cocktail tables

Hire tents, tables and chairs
Spandex cocktail tables

For a networking event, your best choice of furniture for hire is cocktail tables. Ours are round and rectangle, giving you the option of a modern or rustic look.

7. Hire marble top cocktail tables

Marble top cocktail tables for hire Nairobi

To decorate our round marble top cocktail tables, use a minimal centerpiece such as floral arrangements or candles.

8. Hire rustic barrels in Nairobi

Rustic barrels for hire
Rustic barrel

For themed event furniture, count on our rustic barrels to deliver the look and feel.

They’re ideal for outdoor events, wedding walkways or as bar counters.

There’s really no limit to what you can do with rustic barrels.

9. Hire rustic bar tables in Kenya

Hire tents, tables and chairs in Nairobi
Rustic bar table

Our rustic bar tables give you the freedom to enjoy a backyard party.

You can create a brunch garden with them to enjoy with friends and family.

They’re also ideal for your corporate cocktail parties and holding areas.

Picnic tables for hire in Nairobi

10. Palette tables| gold tray coffee tables| rustic crates| cushions| beanbags

Picnic tables for hire Nairobi
Palette table

Picnic events tend to be simple, hassle free and joyous celebrations bringing families and friends over for good food and drinks.

If you’re planning a picnic in Nairobi, we have the perfect picnic furniture for hire that includes palette tables, gold tray coffee tables, assorted cushions, beanbags, mobile bar counters and signage.

Picnic tables for hire Nairobi
Gold tray coffee table

You’ll also discover that we have fair pricing for picnic furniture hire and decor to suit your type of event, a wedding proposal, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, chama meeting or meet up.

Lucidity Africa Rustic Crate
Rustic wooden crate

Use our assorted picnic furniture pieces to create different themes for your laid back experiences.

Bobo bench

You’ll also love the popular Caramel Pouffe that’s ideal for seating and complements your event decor.

Caramel pouffe for hire in Nairobi
hire tents tables and chairs
Complete picnic decor by Lucidity

Chairs for hire Nairobi

11. Wedding and event chairs for hire Nairobi

Banquet chairs for hire Nairobi
Hire tents, tables and chairs
Banquet chair

The banquet chairs can be used as they are or with loose covers in assorted colors. They’re ideal for formal events like meetings and conferences.

White Victoria chairs for hire Nairobi
Hire tents, tables and chairs
White Victoria chair

White Victoria chairs are beautiful and perfect as they are. They’re ideal for any type of event like meetings, conferences, birthdays and graduations.

Bentwood chairs for hire Nairobi
Bentwood chair

The Bentwood chair is elegant and suits mainly rustic themed events like birthdays and weddings.

Our prices are affordable and you’re free to choose the chair design to suit your table layout or event type.

Acapulco chairs for hire Nairobi

Hire tents tables and chairs
Acapulco chairs for hire – olive green, yellow and aqua blue

Hire Acapulco Chairs in Nairobi from us as well as beautiful tie and dye coffee tables to go with them.

They’re a delightful addition to our event chairs for hire. You can use them as panel seats or party furniture.

However, the best thing about them is that they’re all weather. You can use them anywhere, anytime.

12. Modern cocktail chairs | mesh bar stools | rustic farmhouse bar stools

Rustic barstool for hire
Rustic farmhouse bar stool

To go along with the cocktail tables we have assorted cocktail stools for hire to suit a modern or rustic theme.

Rustic barstool for hire
Rustic mesh bar stool
Modern barstools for hire Nairobi
Black cocktail stool

You can match to any cocktail table design and be sure that they’re also comfortable.

Modern barstools for hire Nairobi
White cocktail stool

Hire lounge furniture in Kenya

13. Furniture for hire – modern and rustic

White 3 seater couch

Our lounge furniture comes in assorted sizes, designs, and seating capacities. You can visit our showroom to view and feel the design and style that suits your event.

Lounge furniture for hire Nairobi
Black single seater couch
Bamboo bench with black cushions
Mesh bench with brown cushions
Mesh benches with white cushions
Black chic chair
Black ottoman

Party decor Kenya

15. Lanterns for hire Kenya | candelabras for hire kenya | centrepieces for hire Nairobi| hire centrepieces

Beside the hire tents tables and chairs, we have tons of decor props for hire.

If you’re looking for assorted lanterns to hire in Nairobi, consider ours. They come in different designs and colors for use on tables and walkways.

Decor lanterns for hire Nairobi
Silver Lantern

Whatever decor props you need, we can not only supply but also customize to your needs where possible.

White lantern
Gold lantern
Lucidity Africa Green Oriental Lantern
Green oriental lantern

These oriental lanterns come in three different colors; red, green and purple. They’re ideal for enhancing an oriental or swahili theme party.

Gold goblet

The gold and black goblets serve best as floral vases. They’re tall, outstanding and eye catching making them ideal centrepieces for any type of event.

Black goblet

The crystal lampshade is a unique centrepiece for hire that works best for corporate events.

The ivory candelabra has catchy coloring that makes it the ideal centrepiece for wedding decor, birthday decor and other celebrations that require elaborate floral arrangements and candle lighting.

The silver candelabra offers a coloring variation but is equally ideal for elaborate celebration where you want over the top table decorations.

16. Dance floor for hire | Mobile bars

Our decor inventory is expansive and includes dance floors, assorted vases and lanterns, lampshades, masks, mud cloth, cushions, assorted wall hangings and carpets.

Mesh bar counter

These bar counters come with elegant bar backs to help you place glassware and display drinks with ease.

Mabati bar counter

African decor props Kenya

17. Event table decor | Event wall decor

Don’t get stressed looking for African decor props for your traditional wedding, when we have a wide range of unique decor props for sale.

Discover our assorted table decor items and wall decor accessories to complement your event decor.

Table mats for hire Lucidity
Boho placemats set of 6
Beard Bead event wall decor
Raffia event wall decor
Palm event wall decor
Afro Boho Leaf

For more items, please browse our comprehensive wedding and event rentals inventory for all your event planning and decor needs.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the cost of hiring tents in Nairobi?

The cost of hiring tents in Nairobi ranges from as low as Kshs. 1,500 to Kshs. 500,000 or more. This is because there are all sorts of tent designs, locally done and imported with various capacities. Tent designs have also evolved over the years and you can find newer looks like the omnispace structures, A-frame, Hexagons, Alpines and B-lines.

2. Where can I hire tents tables and chairs in Karen?

You can hire event furniture and decor props within Karen from Lucidity Africa Events. We’re on Murishu road, about 800m from Bomas of Kenya in Karen. We’re open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Contact us

If you still need further help or advise on how to hire tents tables and chairs plus event decor we’re here to give you all the support in making the right decision.

We’re event providers in Kenya with proven expertise to guide you on the best selection and plan for your event.

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