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Try These 5 Beautiful Eco Friendly Event Decor Ideas

We’re event planners in Nairobi who create and encourage the use of eco friendly event decor.

It’s possible to have stunning green events in Kenya with zero waste or wastefulness.

We’ve featured some eco friendly party decor ideas from our wedding and event rentals inventory in this article (for your consideration) and also shared some tips on how to plan green events.

Eco friendly event decor by Lucidity Africa

1. Creative up-cycled furniture

Over the years, we’ve accumulated excessive rubber tyre waste. Instead of disposing it, we opted to repurpose it.

We wrap waste tyres in various designs with natural sisal and polyester yarn to create incredible pouffe ottomans for concerts and picnics.

The repurposed Kiondo Pouffe

2. Faux flowers from newspapers and old journals

We create faux flowers from waster newspapers and fabric. We use them in jars and vases as table centerpieces and they’re suitable for any type of event.

eco friendly event decor
Eco-friendly roses

3. Boho placemats from natural raffia yarn

For elaborate table decor, we make assorted table mats from natural materials like raffia, sisal and cane. You’ll love them for their ethnic feel which helps to create a festive mood in any set up.

eco friendly event decor
Lucidity Boho Placemats

4. Sisal Rugs

If you’re a planning a picnic or want to seat a panel, we have incredible handmade round and oval sisal rugs. They consist of 100% Kenya sisal, are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

eco friendly event decor
Handmade oval sisal rug by Lucidity

5. Wall Hangings Decor

We have assorted wall hanging decor pieces for use in African or Bohemian themed events. They consist of raffia, sisal or polyester yarn.

Beard Bead Wall Hanging

Tips for planning an eco friendly event in Kenya: Frequently asked questions

1. How can I make an event eco friendly?

You can make an event eco friendly by sourcing ethically made or sourced decor, event furniture and other supplies you need for the event. Choosing eco friendly venues and always seeking to incorporate practices in your event planning process that make going green a habit.

2. How do you go green for an event?

You go green for an event by reducing waste and wastefulness. For instance, choosing reusable decor, incorporating recycling bins, sourcing from suppliers near you or the venue to reduce the carbon footprint, going paperless, reducing food wastage, use glass water .

3. How can I decorate without balloons?

You can use faux flowers made from waste paper for your backdrop or hangings made from wire, natural materials or waster papers. Talk to us for the various options on eco friendly decoration ideas for parties.

Now you know it’s possible to have a green event in Kenya with our eco friendly event decor ideas.

Reasons to work with us for your next event

At Lucidity Africa Events, we’re event planners in Kenya, keen and with the expertise to deliver green eco friendly events.

Below are four good reasons to work with us:

  1. Proven expertise over 11 years of practise
  2. A good network of event suppliers and partners in Kenya
  3. Trained, professional team
  4. Affordable services

We have assorted party decorations all handmade in Kenya from natural and waste materials.

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